Introduction to Mozilla

This course will help you set up your Mozilla Central repository, get familiar with the Mozilla code base and push your first patch. In the duration of this course you will learn enough of mercurial- a version control tool which can be used to push your patches.


Name Description Duration
Setting up Mozilla-central in your system Depending upon the OS that you use, you will have to carry out certain process to prepare your system. After this is done you can get the source code(it's open source!) and build Firefox on your machine 2 hours
Find something to work on Take a look into Mozilla's bug tracker, and find a suitable bug to work on.</p><p>One the suitable bug is identified, re-create that bug to see if it still exists. Then, fix the bug 2 hours
Testing and pushing the patch Create a patch with the changes that you have made for the bug to be fixed. Test the patch locally so that it works. Then, submit the patch for reviewing. 1 hours


Language English
Difficulty Easy
Fees 100 /-

H Chaithanya

Open Source Enthusiast