Introduction to Docker

This course will be an introduction to Docker technology. How to host an application in Docker will also be thought.


Name Description Duration
Basics of Containers This module will give an overview on the features that the Linux kernel is providing for creating a container. 3 hours
Copy On Write FileSystem The Linux container already existed few years back, but Docker evolved recently. The feature that made docker container different from other container is copy on write file system. So highlight about various copy-on-write file system like overlayfs, btrfs etc 1 hours
Docker Commands This module will teach you to use the docker daemon. Introduction to various docker command with which we can manage the docker containers. 2 hours


Language English
Difficulty Medium
Fees 100 /-

Bithin Alangot

Ph.D research scholar in Cyber Security and IoT with 3+ years of experience in Computer Science and academia both India and abroad.